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What You Will Find in This Legal Notice

In this document, you will find all the rules and conditions for the services provided on this website. Accepting these rules and conditions constitutes a contract, committing us to deliver the services offered on our site that you seek. This contract grants you specific rights and imposes minor obligations, which we believe will be straightforward for you to fulfill. We recommend taking a moment to familiarize yourself with these rights and obligations to make an informed decision about proceeding.
Ownership of This Website
This website is backed by a legitimate company, TERAPIA URBANA, S.L., a real entity with a physical presence. The website, www.terapiaurbana.es, is owned by TERAPIA URBANA, S.L., registered under the tax ID number B91880724, located at c/. Factores, 12-14, Local 4D (41015-Seville), Spain. Additionally, it’s registered in the Mercantile Registry of Seville, Volume 5278, Sheet SE-87213, Registration 1st, for those preferring digital verification.
Who Is This Website For?
This website and its legal notice are designed for our users and clients, including you. It also welcomes anyone else interested in exploring the content we offer. Please note that certain content and services are restricted by age: users under 14 require parental or guardian consent to provide personal data and accept these terms.
Accessing Our Website
Access to our website is through the URL https://terapiaurbana.es or through links found on search engines or other websites. We assure you, access is free of charge.
Our Services
We provide detailed services and information for creating vertical gardens, catering to individuals, companies, designers, or project specifiers. Subscribing to our Newsletter keeps you updated, with your consent, on our latest activities. Access to our services requires only the essential data, which we handle transparently in accordance with our privacy policy.
Advertising and Spam
We maintain a website free from third-party advertising and strongly oppose spam. As such, we ask you to refrain from:
• Collecting data for advertising purposes without authorization.
• Sending unsolicited messages.
• Using or distributing lists of data for commercial purposes.
Complaints regarding spam can be addressed to [email protected].
Linking to Our Website
If you wish to create a link to our website, please adhere to the following guidelines:
• Links should only direct to our homepage.
• Do not frame our content as your own.
• Linking does not imply a partnership unless explicitly stated.
• Ensure your site does not infringe on legal or moral standards.
Intellectual Property
Our website’s content, including trademarks, domain names, and distinctive signs, is protected under intellectual property laws. Usage requires prior authorization from us or the respective third-party owners.
Contacting Us
To contact TERAPIA URBANA, S.L., you can use the following means:
• Traditional mail: c/. Factores, 12-14, Local 4D (41015-Seville).
• Email: [email protected]
Should we need to contact you, we will do so through the information provided at the time of your registration or through our website directly.
Legal Notice Drafting
This legal notice was crafted with the expertise of the lawyers from Emerge Avezalia, S.L., who can be reached at www.avezalia.com for any inquiries. All rights to the content of this legal text are reserved.
Closing Thoughts
We thank you for taking the time to read through our legal notice. At TERAPIA URBANA, S.L., we are committed to maintaining transparency, safeguarding your privacy, and ensuring a satisfying experience on our website