How plants influence on people during confinement due to COVID19

How plants influence on people during confinement due to COVID19

How plants influence on people during confinement due to COVID19

Abr 28, 2020

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Indoor plants influence on people in a psichological way. But , how much and in what way?

This is what an international group of professors and investigators analyze , by means a sccientific study that is being carried out.

The study evaluates the psychological effect of living with plants during confinement due to COVID19.

Actual international scenario, because of alarm state during weeks, is an excellent pportunity to clearly evidence this impact.

Should you desire, can participate in the study about how plants influence on people during the confinement:



All the data collected in this survey are intended only for academic use. All the answers are completely anonymous and individual information, will only be used for statistical purposes. So, data will be evaluated and be presented in agregated form.

The investigation is conducted by AGR-268 Investigation Group, specialized in Urban Greening and Biosystems Engineering (Naturib).  Besides, participate an international group of  investigators:




NATURIB  is formed by investigators, agronomic engineers and proffesors of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica of University of Sevilla.

The group is specialized in Urban Greening studios and technological development of Green Infraestructure and nature based solutions. One of the main areas is the measurement  of benefits due to this type of green solutions.

Its team  include a wide range os expertise from gardening and landscaping, irrigation and water management, ades desde  la jardinería y paisajismo, riego y gestión del agua, edaphología…).

Your participation in this international study will be very useful. It will allow obtaining more precise results of the psychological impact of how plants influence people during this period of confinement.

Thank you very much for your help!