How we work with vertical garden installers

How we work with vertical garden installers

How we work with vertical garden installers

Nov 23, 2022


Our vertical gardens are based on Fytotextile® technology and are installed following a simple construction process in 4 steps. Our technical team ensures that everything is perfectly detailed in each project.

In addition, our on-site technical assistance provides you with all the support you need to achieve the best result in each installation.

Our Fytotextile® system was developed at the University of Seville and we continuously develop it to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Its technical features are ready for any challenge. In its design and construction we take care of all the details to ensure that it is possible to install it in almost any situation and with foolproof durability.

We carry out studies of the necessary lighting for the correct development of indoor plants and we recommend the necessary projectors.

It is also easy to install, we offer you technical support, we accompany you during assembly and we connect you with clients.


Technical Documentation

We always carry out a previous analysis where we study the factors that affect the development of a Vertical Garden such as its location, orientation, sunlight, thermal variation, light intensity,… among other factors. As a result of this preliminary study, the technical documentation that accompanies the Fytotextile® supply arises to guarantee the correct execution:

  • Auxiliary structure
  • Modulation irrigation system
  • Control system
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Landscape design and
  • Species selection


Landscape design

We work with you on the landscape design of each project, taking into account the needs of each client. We select the species that best adapt to each case after a detailed study of climatic and environmental conditions. We are endorsed by our international experience in the sector and the advice of the research team of the University of Seville.


Reliable and proven system

The Fytotextile® system for a landscaped façade is made up of multilayer flexible modules produced industrially, which are connected to a substructure anchored to the support wall. The modules are made up of a matrix of pockets where the plants for the vertical garden are housed, including their own substrate, which facilitates adaptation and development.

The modules allow for easy registration of the irrigation system for easy maintenance.

Fytotextile is suitable for medium and large vertical gardens, and its installation system is simple and professional. We have more than 7,000 m of vertical gardens successfully installed in more than 8 countries, and the expert advice of our research team from the University of Seville.



If you are an installation company, we support you from design to installation, to guarantee the best result in each project.



Every facility needs good maintenance to ensure its durability.

Vertical gardens also incorporate living beings, so the maintenance forecast must be part of any construction project that incorporates vertical gardens.

Terapia Urbana provides this and many other services during the project, we do everything necessary for you to achieve the best results.


Do you need to install a vertical garden?

If you are a professional in the sector, our expert team offers you technical support for the assembly of your vertical garden and the supply of our Fytotextile® system. Build your vertical garden in a simple way and with guarantees of success.