Why use a textile modular system in vertical gardens? 

Why use a textile modular system in vertical gardens? 

Why use a textile modular system in vertical gardens? 

Ago 3, 2022

In Terapia Urbana we work with textile modular systems for the construction of our vertical gardens: Fytotextile System® .

It is composed of three flexible layers of inorganic and synthetic fabric, with reduced thickness. The entire perimeter of each module can be interconnected with another module, so that projects of any size can be solved. The system can have a maximum capacity of 36 (6×6) or 49 plants (7×7), depending on the pocket matrix design. 

The modules are made up of a matrix of pockets that house the plants for the vertical garden, including their own substrate, which facilitates adaptation and subsequent development.

The system allows an easy registration of the irrigation system from the top, facilitating maintenance. Fytotextile is suitable for medium and large vertical gardens, and its installation system is simple and professional.

Due to its advanced technological development and years of R&D&I results, carried out in collaboration with the research group Urban Greening & Biosystem Engineering – Research Group AGR 268 of the University of Seville,


Our Fytotextile system has key competitive advantages that set it apart from the rest

  • On the one hand, it improves plant health, thanks to the high transpiration capacity of the outer layer, and establishes an optimal balance between water, air and substrate in the buried part of the plant.
  • In addition, the intermediate layer ensures an even distribution of irrigation for efficient irrigation water consumption.
  • The modular system is very versatile and offers infinite combination possibilities, adapting to the specific needs of each design, whether for straight or trapezoidal shapes, or to create curved or circular modulations.
  • Fytotextile® is a high performance construction system for the installation of medium and large sized green walls. The installation of the system is easy, fast and specially designed for professionals, having been successfully installed in more than 22.000m2 of gardens all over the world.