Some benefits of having a vertical garden at office

Some benefits of having a vertical garden at office

Some benefits of having a vertical garden at office

May 25, 2022


Gardens and green walls are bioclimatic constructions, which means that they are constructions that take advantage of the available resources with the intention of reducing the environmental impact, trying to reduce energy consumption.


Therefore, having one of these solutions inside or outside your offices will automatically bring a myriad of benefits to the work ecosystem and its workers. These benefits go far beyond the aesthetic aspect, which of course will be amply covered.


How do the colors of our work environment influence us?

The colors of the environment that we perceive act as stimuli that directly influence our emotional state, and guess which is one of those that brings more joy and happiness? Indeed, the color green may be one of the shades that, cognitively, brings to our mood a greater influx of positivity, energy and well-being. So the color green is undoubtedly the best choice to give a little life to our office.



As a consequence, here are some of the many benefits a vertical garden will bring to your day-to-day office life:


  • Air purification. Vegetable gardens are mainly composed of plants and therefore function as oxygen engines, as they capture CO2 from the air, transforming it into 02. To give us an idea, each m2 of facade generates 1.7 kg of oxygen annually.
  • Natural temperature regulator. A natural air conditioner. The plants of the vertical garden absorb for themselves 50% of the sunlight of the environment, generating, as a consequence, a cooler and more pleasant ecosystem.
  • Natural ambient sound insulation. The plant structure is responsible for capturing much of the sound emissions both external and internal, acting as a noise insulating panel.
  • Healthy environment improvement. The green environment not only positively influences mood issues, as it also has direct benefits on our body. It is beneficial for headaches or red eyes… Green can become your best ally before a hard day in front of the computer screen.
  • Increased production. Plants have a positive effect on people and this is also reflected in their work. Productivity increases by 15% in green environments, according to several studies.
  • Increased well-being. As we said before, the green color of green walls has a direct influence on the mood of the people around them. So having a vertical garden in the workplace will create a much more positive and healthy working environment.
  • Self-sufficient. Thanks to our irrigation system and our maintenance and care plan, the vertical garden will be in its most optimal shape at all times.
  • Bring relative humidity to the environment. They are an improvement for air quality and are perfect to fight against sick building syndrome. The humidity of the wall is a key element in case a fire starts.

These are just some of the many benefits that our solutions can bring to your company’s day to day in the office.


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Project: Zona Franca
Installer: Pintega
Place: A Coruña