The benefits of having plants at home during confinement

The benefits of having plants at home during confinement

The benefits of having plants at home during confinement

Ene 14, 2021

During this 2020 that is already ending, the long periods that we have had to stay without going out, have highlighted the benefits of having plants at home. You may remember that, a few months ago, we published this survey, carried out by researchers from the University of Seville. In this post, we bring you the result of that study.

Particularities of having plants at home during the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic

An international survey was carried out, with a scientific approach, the objective of which was to collect sufficient data on the influence and psychological effect of living with plants during confinement.

The confinement setting provided an exceptional occasion to analyze its influence on people, as we lost the possibility of leaving the house and spent a lot of time indoors. The participation in this survey was very significant, 4205 people, and allowed to obtain numerous quality data for the elaboration of the article we present you in this post.

estudio internacional beneficios plantas en casa


The study evaluates the role that plants have played at home during the period of confinement due to COVID-19. Particular preferences regarding the amount of vegetation desired and the change in perceptions in this regard during confinement are also evaluated.


revista urban forestry & urban greening

The results have been collected in a scientific article published in the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.


You can access the article here


The research was directed by the AGR-268 Urban Greening and Biosystem Engineering Research Group (Naturib) of the University of Seville.

This research group includes the researchers: Luis Pérez Urrestarazu, Maria Pinelopi Katsidi and Rafael Fernández-Cañero, from the University of Seville, and Panayiotis A. Nektarios, Gergios Markakis from the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Vivian Loges from the Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco and Katia Perini from the Universidad de Génova.

Conclusions of the study on the benefits of having plants at home during confinement

The main conclusions of the article, you can discover them for yourself, but we summarize them below:


  • For the majority of participants, having plants indoors had a positive influence on their emotional state during confinement.
  • Most preferred low levels of plants indoors, but made more use of the exterior areas of houses to locate plants.
  • This increase in contact with the plants was directly related to the restrictions due to COVID19, dedicating much more time to their care and maintenance.
  • Living walls were highly valued by respondents as a good option to increase the number of plants in the home, and especially in outdoor areas.
  • The study lays the foundations for new studies that allow a more detailed assessment of the correlation between the population and the impact obtained on reducing stress through the use of indoor plants.


R + D + I is one of the main values of Terapia Urbana and we seek that our products and services respond to the real demands of the market. Being able to collaborate with studies of this type, in their dissemination and data collection, allows us to be in permanent contact with the real needs of the moment.

We will continue to share new studies and advances in research about the real benefits that plants bring to our day to day, if you do not want to miss them, stay connected!