Vertical gardens in the hotel sector

Vertical gardens in the hotel sector

Vertical gardens in the hotel sector

Mar 22, 2023


Tourism is changing. The desire to explore new places in a sustainable and responsible way is becoming increasingly widespread, and the hotel industry knows this, which is why it is becoming aware of these needs and looking towards the future. In this sense, many hotels are adopting «green» and eco-friendly options. The World Tourism Organization has encouraged the participation, responsibility, and commitment of the sector in this process of becoming increasingly environmentally friendly.


According to research conducted to determine guests’ concerns regarding sustainability in tourist accommodations and hotels, it has been shown that they value the installation of renewable energy equipment, waste classification, and the inclusion of green areas such as vertical gardens and orchards.


Improving Customer Experience

Buildings that integrates urban greening are becoming increasingly popular as they are unique in their class and can improve the customer’s lodging experience, offering relaxation, as well as the biophilic advantages of vertical gardens and acoustic comfort.

Additionally, they can have strategic advantages. We are talking about improving brand image. Vertical gardens can be a powerful marketing tool for companies. By having a vertical garden, the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment is reinforced and highlighted, which can result in a more favorable perception by consumers. Vertical gardens can be a creative way to promote products or services since they can be designed to reflect the brand identity and attract consumer attention.

 An example in which we have taken part in

As a clear example of the integration of vertical gardens in hotels, we want to present a project carried out by the Abba hotel chain in the city of Seville. For the lobby, a visually vertical garden solution has been chosen, as can be seen in the personalized walls for each location, which enrich the spaces with light and vegetation, attracting the attention of a more environmentally sensitive clientele interested in an ethical and sophisticated style.


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