Green Innovation for Sustainable Cities

Green Innovation for Sustainable Cities

Green Innovation for Sustainable Cities

Mar 21, 2024

In a world where urbanization is advancing by leaps and bounds, the need to find sustainable solutions to maintain the balance between urban development and the environment is more urgent than ever.

At Terapia Urbana, we are deeply committed to creating green infrastructure within  the urban environment. We know the importance of nature in people’s lives, which is why our goal is to improve the quality of life of urban residents by integrating nature into their daily lives.

Gardens, more than just decorative structures, are marking a new era in urban design, contributing to the regeneration of natural areas with artistic value, thus preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of cities.


The benefits provided by these green infrastructures are tangible: studies have shown that the presence of vegetation in urban spaces can have a positive impact on people’s mental and emotional health, reducing stress and improving mood.

Furthermore, they play an important role in urban sustainability. By absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering pollutants from the air and reducing ambient temperatures, these structures contribute to improving air quality and mitigating the effects of climate change.

It is in this context that Urban Therapy intervenes,  through the implementation of vertical gardens, in urban environments. A team of professionals composed of Dr. Agricultural Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers, highly specialized in sustainable architecture, phytotechnics, sustainable landscaping and hydraulic engineering that aim to recover the space lost by vegetation in buildings and cities through nature-based solutions.

We develop projects with high-performance technical construction systems for state-of-the-art green facades. Terapia Urbana naturation systems are based on Fytotextile® technology, a modular textile system, whose optimized combination of layers creates an excellent growing medium for the development of vegetation. Its design increases root oxygenation and improves irrigation distribution by protecting the surface where it is installed. The system allows easy inspection of the irrigation system for better maintenance.

Our team advises you

We are committed to working collaboratively by providing our scientifically based expertise, innovation, production capacity and comprehensive advice to develop customised solutions for our partners around the world.

To guarantee that these spaces are preserved in optimal conditions over time, providing lasting benefits to the community, at Terapia Urbana we provide personalized advice according to the characteristics of the project to be developed, to guarantee the correct technical definition, measurement, assessment and installation. on site, without forgetting the recommendations for the most important phase: maintenance.

Solutions based on nature, by incorporating living elements, constitute very special construction systems, hence the importance of good control and maintenance: despite having carried out a prior study of the atmospheric and microclimatic conditions of the vertical garden, it is essential to analyze the its development during the first months after its installation and thus be able to detect anomalies that must be investigated in order to avoid future problems.

In its design and construction we take care of all the details to make it possible to install it in almost any situation and with foolproof durability.

Vertical gardens also incorporate living beings, so maintenance planning must be part of any construction project that incorporates vertical gardens.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability and urban progress drives us to continue innovating and collaborating with communities, businesses and local authorities to create healthier, more liveable urban environments for future generations.