2102 Urban Trends: Nature innovation sustainability

2102 Urban Trends: Nature innovation sustainability

2102 Urban Trends: Nature innovation sustainability

Feb 21, 2024

Linkedin: 🌿 The creation of sustainable urban spaces is key to improving the quality of life in our cities.

At Terapia Urbana – Living Walls & Urban Greening Systems, we are proud to collaborate in the implementation of green infrastructure for municipalities, promoting habitable and environmentally friendly environments.

We work to integrate sustainable green solutions that contribute to the well-being of citizens.

🌱Recently, in the city of Melilla, we have installed with our partner Talher S.A. an impressive vertical garden, using our exclusive Fytotextile® system.

We tell you about it in our post today 👇🏽


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The creation and maintenance of comfortable, functional, attractive and sustainable public spaces is a key objective for many municipalities today. This approach has become essential due to the growing awareness of the importance of promoting urban environments that are liveable and environmentally friendly and that contribute to the well-being of citizens.

The integration of new materials and technologies that allow the optimization of resources, the reduction of the ecological footprint and the promotion of environmentally responsible practices are the new challenges that urban design faces.

In addition, it seeks to promote biodiversity and preserve urban ecosystems, which may include the introduction of more green areas and the promotion of vegetation in urban environments.

A new relationship between building and nature, the imperative need to provide well-being and quality of life for citizens

From Street Furniture to Urban Green Infrastructures

The incorporation of urban elements with a focus on sustainability can range from the implementation of recycling and waste management systems to the installation of urban furniture made with recycled or low environmental impact materials. Likewise, the installation of green infrastructures that reduce pollutant emissions  and improve air quality is promoted.

In this context, the installation of vertical gardens in urban environments stands out as a particularly beneficial measure. They not only provide recreation and leisure spaces for citizens, but also contribute to mitigating the urban heat island effect, improving air quality, promoting biodiversity and increasing resilience to extreme climate events.

At Terapia Urbana, throughout these years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with many City Councils in our country  in the installation of green infrastructures.

Recently in the city of Melilla, on Mariscal Sherlock Street, a vertical garden has been installed by Talher S.A. A true “living work” of considerable height, with a surface  of 166 square meters, which is made up of more than 5,000 low-growing, herbaceous plants, with various shades of green. Our exclusive Fytotextile system has been used, which provides numerous technical features and makes it an advanced construction solution for the installation of state-of-the-art garden facades.

At Terapia Urbana we offer a comprehensive project consulting service that combines the quality and experience of a highly specialized team, accustomed to facing great challenges. We help you incorporate garden façade systems in your city, do not hesitate to contact us.