Importance of green spaces in nursery schools and environmental education

Importance of green spaces in nursery schools and environmental education

Importance of green spaces in nursery schools and environmental education

Mar 14, 2024

Children’s connection with nature has scientifically proven benefits, “The Necessity of Urban Green Space for Children’s Optimal Development” de UNICEF.

The report reveals that exposure to natural environments has a significant impact on children’s optimal development.

This manifests itself in reduced social and behavioral problems, improved mental health, and increased school performance.

Children who have access to green spaces tend to have better mental and emotional health, which can lead to a decrease in social and behavioral problems.

Additionally, exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, thereby promoting more positive psychological well-being. It has also been observed that children who regularly interact with nature have better academic performance.

These findings are especially relevant in the context of educational institutions. At Terapia Urbana we have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Green Cube Childcare in Canada, where a 5 m2 indoor vertical garden was installed by ginkgosustainability.

The SLIMGREENWALL® system  is an interior gardening system, based on Fytotextile® technology. No building work is required.

Naturally grown canvases need a well-lit location and a power socket for the irrigation system. If they do not have sufficient natural lighting, they will require a specific auxiliary lighting system to ensure their correct growth. Each project is unique, and the design uses species suitable for each site.

This project reflects the understanding of the importance that nature plays in learning and development during the first years of life. Green Cube’s mission statement emphasizes the vital role nature plays in the holistic development of children.

If there is something that at Terapia Urbana we are proud of, it is the participation in the creation of green and sustainable spaces that contribute significantly to the well-being of people and the care of the environment, which in these environments provide an ideal platform for practical environmental education. Children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, interact with natural elements and develop a deep connection with their environment.

Everything adds up, that’s why these actions are so important; They prepare future generations to  lface environmental challenges.